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READ OUR STORIES AND SPREAD THE WORD-- AND THEN ADD YOUR STORY! WE TOO WILL NO LONGER  REMAIN SILENT!! My name is Bonnie Kaye . have been a counselor/author/leader for women who find themselves married gay/bisexual men. I am also a counselor for gay men who are married to straight women but want to do the right thing by coming out to their wives after years of living in a life that wasn't theirs to live. This has been my mission since 1982 following the demise of my own marriage to a gay man. Sadly, society has not given the straight wives' community of millions the same recognition and understanding that other groups have been given after our lives have been shattered. We are looked upon as self-made victims. There is nothing farther from the truth. We were women who loved men who were in hiding. Some of these men were in deep denial themselves, so there was no way to know this at the time of the marriage. We were loving women who gave everything we co

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